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Pool Repair Service in Cypress TX

Do you have a swimming pool and are looking for someone to get that resurfaced?

If so, let us take care of it! We can clean and maintain your high-rise or roof pools.

Large swimming pools aren't easy to maintain on one's own. There is always something going ...

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Pool School Cypress Texas

Cypress Pool Repairs now offers a pool maintenance school for new swimming pool owners.

New Pool Start Up in Cypress, TX

Our pool service and repair company provides over the shoulder training on how to clean and maintain your swimming pool in or near by subdivisions...

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When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, we are the pioneers and experts.

We provide pool repair, pool cleaning, renovations, resurfacing, inspections and even winterization, de-winterization.

If you’re looking for quality pool service and exceptional customer service, give us a call.


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Pool cleaning in Cypress Texas is something that requires constant effort.

If you’re irresponsible once or twice, it could cost you twice or maybe even more the next time.

Few things to keep in mind for pool maintenance are: check the pool chemistry 1-2 times per week, clean skimmer baskets, ...

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Did you know that you can get robotic pool cleaners for automatic pool cleaning?

These were first developed for floor cleaning with the expectation that they would eventually reach the skimmer drain.

There are three types of cleaners out there. Robotic, suction and pressure pool cleaners.


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When thinking about pool resurfacing, you have to keep the following things in mind.

For a first, prepare the pool area. You have to calculate your budget, it costs around $6 per square foot on average.

Next, you should clear the surroundings, move away any chairs, tables, electronics from the...

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Are you looking to get back in your backyard pool but are thoroughly put off with the green layer which develops over the water?

We understand, it can be unsightly and completely put you off from the potential dip which you were about to take in the pool to cool off.

Our green pool cleaning se...

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What Cypress TX residents often ponder upon in matters of our swimming pools is the pool cleaning services cost. This actually depends upon the extent to which it needs to be cleaned. This also depends upon the time since you called in someone for pool cleaning. Pool acid washing will cost you ar...

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Pool replastering Cypress Texas is a very critical decision when you come to think about pool maintenance. There is a variety of materials out there to choose from and you need to think clearly before getting it done. First, think about the age of the pool. Hammering it down is not a good decisio...

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4 years ago
They responded to my call for service very quickly (pump was not working and they came out next day). Friendly and knowledgeable. Fixed my issue at a very fair price. Highly recommend.
- glenn b
3 years ago
We use this pool company for weekly swimming pool cleaning services and we love them!!! They do a wonderful job and they’ll leave a door hanger outlining what they did before leaving the property.
- Miss B
5 years ago
We have found their tech and the friendly staff at Cypress Pool Repairs in Cypress, TX to be very knowledgeable about maintaining swimming pool equipment from pool heaters, pumps, filters and willing to help you understand the different cost options to troubleshoot, repair or replace the same. After hearing about their services. I felt I could trust them and count on them to go beyond the standard services of a pool cleaning company (remodeling and resurfacing pool plaster, tile and coping for example). They provide installation and replacement of all three manufactures Hayward, Pentair and Jandy too.
- Paul V

About Us

About Cypress Pool Repairs

We're a one-stop pool service shop to make sure that all your pool related concerns are addressed by a single team, we are not your average pool service company. 

Call 281-624-5086 to talk with our friendly staff to schedule a Free Consultation. Or contact us through our website.

So from pool cleaning in Cypress, TX to complete remodeling, we offer a wide array of maintenance services to make sure that your pool remains in top condition throughout the year.

Boasting years of market experience with scores of successful pool maintenance and modeling jobs, we are always striving to perform better than all our competitors and keep our clients happy and wholly satisfied.

Our clients are our power house and their appreciation of our efforts keeps us going so we are always pumped to ensure that all of our clients’ issues are resolved at the earliest. And we are pretty sure that once you try our services, you won’t even think about switching to another pool service company.

Cypress Pool Maintenance Services

Bringing you premium pool maintenance services and quality workmanship at the most awesome prices, we make sure that you don’t have to chase after multiple service providers for any of your pool issues. Our wide range of Cypress pool services are offered throughout the year because why should only summers be reserved for swimming. And here’s what we offer;

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Whether in regular use or closed off for a significant period of time, pools need regular cleaning. During regular use, the pool water tends to get unclean with mud, trash, bacterial growth and living organisms that can make the pool tiles and siding slimy too. These contaminants can also block your pool filters and baskets meant to catch the debris. So a regular pool cleaning will not only keep the debris out but also keep the filters cleared. Most modern pools have built in vacuuming capabilities but if not, we also offer brushing and vacuuming services to keep the inside of the pool clean and clear.

After a long closed season, pools are likely to develop fungal or algae growths if not properly maintained. So you’ll need special cleaning services in Cypress to make your pool useable again. And we’re here to take care of all that.

Pool Repair

If any of your pool tiles, water inlets & outlets, filtration system or vacuum system parts gets broken, we can get them fixed and running in no time.

Pool Resurfacing

The tiles along the bottom and sides of a pool tend to crack, break or chip away over time. 

This is a sign that you need to resurface your pool as prolonged use of worn out tiles can lead to leaks and also makes cleaning difficult. And we offer some of the best pool resurfacing services in the area.

Pool Replastering

If the waterproofing plaster layer of your pool get damaged or broken in any area, it can threaten the structural integrity of the whole pool as water can now seep into its underlying shell. 

So if your pool’s plaster layer has become rough, cracked or worn out in any place, we can smooth it up in no time.

Pool Maintenance

From regular pool cleanup and water suitability checks to repairing and replacing any damaged parts in the pool’s structure, we offer pool maintenance services of all kinds.

We Do Pool Remodeling as Well

Has your old pool look become boring? Do you need to add or remove certain features from your pool? Well then, our experienced pool designers and technicians will take care of any remodeling ideas you might have to give you the pool of your dreams.

Contact Our Pool Service

Working with the mission to bring life back to your dull, damaged and dirty pool, our team dedicates its time and energy to service your issues at the earliest convenience.

Just reach out to us through any of our customer service numbers provided below, or drop us an email with details of your servicing needs.

We will be happy to give you a tentative quote or schedule an appointment to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Call us for actual pricing details and free consultation. 281-624-5086

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